Адреса:m. Kyiv, vul. Heroyiv Stalinhrada, 8, korp. 5
Телефон: +38 (050) 3458383 , +38 (067) 5218383
Факс: +38 (044) 5365585 osddonetsk

- Massage Equipment ”CASADA”
Hand-held massagers, Massage cushions, Massage cushion, neck massager, Massage Mattress, massager for feet, Mascazhnye chairs, fitness equipment

- Wheelchairs OSD Germany Italy Meyra
Children wheelchairs
Elektrokolyasky Scooter
Active Wheelchairs

- Medical furniture
Accessories for beds

- Anti-decubitus system
Antiacarian and commercial equipment
Verticalizer, lifts, ramps
Ski lifts, ramps

- Go-carts, scooters, crutches
Crutches and canes
Training for Rehabilitation
Balneotherapy equipment Slovakia, CRM Therapy, Rehabilitation tracks Traction Systems

- Children’s Fitness
Children’s sports camp
Oxygen Concentrators

- Air Purifiers

- Medical furniture Ukraine and Turkey

- Medical beds, Bancettes medical, gynecological chairs, couches, mattresses function, Supports Medical Rostomiry Medical laporoskopicheskoy Rack, Tables, Medical Massage Tables, Chairs, Medical Carts Medical, bedside tables, Screens, medical, medical cabinets, Supports continuous infusions

Laser installation Asclepion, Balneotherapy equipment, laser devices Korea MMR, ultrasound machines for cosmetics

- Physiotherapy, EHVCH

- Shock-wave therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, microwave therapy, magnetic therapy, cavitational therapy, Radiofrequency therapy, intensity is pulsed light therapy, EHVCH

- Cardiology
Pulse Oximeter, Fetal Doppler, Elektrokardihrafy, Defibrillator

- Ultrasound, MRI machines
Ultrasound machines SonoScape, ultrasound appart MindRay, ultrasound machines MyLab, ultrasound machines GE, ultrasound machines Philips, Ultrasound machines Siemens, Ultrasound devices Toshiba, Ultrasound machines ALOKA, Medelkom ultrasound machines, ultrasound machines MEDISON, veterinary ultrasound, MRI, X-ray mammography, computed tomography, ultrasound machines SonoSite, ultrasound machines HITACHI

- Products Meyra Germany

- Invalid wheelchairs with the electric drive, lightweight wheelchair, Multifunctional Wheelchair, Sport Wheelchair, active wheelchair, rehab equipment

- FS China Products

- Wheelchairs, Strollers with electric accessories, walkers, chairs vessel beds mechanical, functional bed with electric Massage tables

- Laboratory Equipment

- Holter ECG daily
- Monitor daily blood pressure with a large LCD screen
- BI6600-3 3x channel mikroholter without prorammnoho of
- Holter ECG BI6600-3 with IN Heaco
- BI6600-12 12ti channel mikroholter of prorammnym software
Торгові марки
MEYRA - Nimechchina
Casada - Nimechchina
FS- Kitay
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Стандарти якості – ISO
ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000